Vortex Bank by Toysmith
Vortex Bank by Toysmith

Vortex Bank by Toysmith

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Get your kids excited about saving with this gravity-defying experience!

Screw the whole thing onto the top of a mason jar and then drop a coin into the ramp. WHOOSH! - The coin rolls perfectly onto the edge of the vortex, flying around and around like a satellite in orbit.

As it nears the center, the coin turns totally horizontal until finally - Clunk! - It drops right into the jar. Ready for another coin?

With the Voretx Bank III, kids can't wait to collect and save more change!

Vortex Bank III

  • Special coin-spinning funnel designed to fit onto any mason jar
  • Encourages cause-effect learning, money saving, an interest in physics
  • A money-saving experience kids can get excited about
  • Drop a coin onto the ramp and watch it roll around and around, faster and faster
  • Includes one Vortex Bank III
  • Fits most mason jars - Mason jar Not Included
  • Works with any U.S. coin
  • High quality design and materials - Lasting durability

    Note: Mason Jar is NOT Included.