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Twisty Petz Treatz by Spinmaster

Twisty Petz Treatz by Spinmaster

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Things just got a whole lot sweeter with Twisty Petz Treatz, the newest way to twist! Twisty Petz Treatz are the super cute stacked treats that transform from yummy food into a bracelet! You can collect Rainbow Jelly Pups, Sushi Pandas, Hamburger Bears, Ice Cream Sandwich Kittens and more! Each colorful Twisty Petz Treatz has a delicious scent and adorable Kawaii-inspired details. Transform your stacked treat into a bracelet with a simple pull of the head and tail. When you unstack your Treatz, you’ll reveal sweet surprises on the different layers! Easily turn your bracelet back to treat by twisting and stacking the layers back up. Collect all 10 Treatz (each sold separately) and add them to your Twisty Petz collection. Discover the sweet and savory side of Twisty Petz with Twisty Treatz!

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