Takamachi by FoxMind #
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Takamachi by FoxMind #

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12 dice: 2 identical sets of 6 dice. And a 10 seconds sand timer. 2-4 players.
Each set has 6 dice with 6 shapes in 6 different colors.

The dice are divided evenly among players.
Thus, 2 players receive 6 dice, 3 players receive 4 dice and 4 players receive 3 dice.

Players roll the dice simultaneously and try to spot the higher combination of color or shape.
The first player that thinks that he spotted the highest combination calls out loud the color or shape (whatever he thinks is the highest) and flips the sand timer.
Now all other players have an extra 10 seconds to spot a higher combination.
The player who was correct puts one of his dice aside and the games keeps on playing.
The first player that has no more dice to roll wins the game.

Important: As there are two identical sets, sometimes there can be a situation of the same shape in the same color. This situation is called: "Takamachi". The first player the spots a Takamachi wins the round automaticly.

Ages 4+