Squishmallow 5” Cinnamon The Milkshake # 692

Squishmallow 5” Cinnamon The Milkshake # 692

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 Welcome to the Squishmallows Squad! Squishmallows plush are here to fill your hearts with happiness and squishy content! Since 2017, the unbelievably squeezable Squishmallows plush have grown into an international phenomenon. With more than 1000 Squishmallows plush characters to collect, fans can build a squad that reflects their interests, hobbies, sports, aspirations, emotions, or even their name! Every Squishmallows plush character has its own unique name and storyline! Discover every adorable ‘Mallow and personalize your Squishmallows Squad today! Ready. Set. Squish!

Grow your Squishmallow squad with this plush milkshake named Cinnamon. You'll find Cinnamon and her best friend, Carmelita, in the writing lab working on new stories or at the mall where they love to window shop. This cheerful stuffed animal would make a perfect companion and huggable friend for your child. Made from soft polyester with a marshmallow-like texture, this medium-size Squishmallow makes a lovable gift for birthdays, holidays or just for fun.