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  • Sku: 204429
  • Vendor: Horizon

Slimy Gloop Slimy Sand Pink & Teal by Horizon #204429

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  • SCENTED SAND THAT STRETCHES, MOLDS, AND TAKES SHAPE: Take a big grip of SLIMYGLOOPSLIMYSAND and begin stretching and molding your sand into any form or shape! Make a super sweet-smelling combo by twisting the vanilla and watermelon scents together!
  • FUN SENSORY EXPERIENCE: Squish, twist, stretch, and squeeze the ready-made SLIMYGLOOPSLIMYSAND for an unmatched sensory experience!
  • NO MESS: SLIMYGLOOPSLIMYSAND is hassle-free and easy to clean up!
  • REUSABLE: Store the SLIMYGLOOPSLIMYSAND in the included reusable containers to keep them from drying out!
  • THERAPEUTIC: The activity of squishing and squeezing creates a calming effect that relieves stress and strengthens fine motor skills!

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    Slimy Gloop Slimy Sand Pink & Teal by Horizon #204429


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