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  • Vendor: B4Adventure

Sensory Steps by Playzone-Fit #PLZ.654

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Product description

  • Set of 5 textured rubber steps, each with a different pattern to support stimulating children’s sense of touch
  • Kids are encouraged to jump from one to the next to create active play while awakening their senses
  • Steps can be arranged in multiple patterns as well as lined up to fit together, side by side
  • To add an extra challenge, kids can close their eyes as they step on each to guess which texture they landed on
  • Using the Sensory Steps supports kids’ development of concentration, sense of touch and engaging core muscles by balancing
  • Each step has a different texture inspired by five different nature ecosystems:
    • Forest: tree bark with ants
    • Fields: honeycomb
    • River: alligator
    • Desert: rocks and fossils
    • Ocean: coral
  • Drawstring storage bag is included to store away the steps as needed
  • Each step is 9.5” wide and .5” tall
  • Ages 18 mos.+
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Sensory Steps by Playzone-Fit #PLZ.654


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