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Magic Bean Puzzle Ball Fidget Toy

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Comes in a variety of colors. Color chosen at random.

Pinch the Magic ball top with your fingers, turn the top, and it will not stop for a long time. The little magic bean can move and rotate in both directions.
Help children exercise hand-eye coordination and grasping skills, while also training brain space and logical thinking ability.
Promote parent-child relationship in the play process, and it is also suitable for children play to expand the social circle.
Made of drop-resistant plastic material, with concave and convex particles on the edge, exercising children grasping ability and can massage the palm.
How to Use:1 Randomly scramble the little magic bean Magic ball; 2 Move the middle horizontal axis to replace the required beads in different O-shaped grooves; 3 Use memory and space imagination to make the beads in grooves with the fastest speed.

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Magic Bean Puzzle Ball Fidget Toy


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