Pirate Ship 3D Nylon Kite 72" by Brainstorm
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Pirate Ship 3D Nylon Kite 72" by Brainstorm

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Sail through the sky on this magical high-flying pirate ship!

Even the most seasoned flyers will be mesmerized by this magnificent ship.

It's designed complete with a 72-inch long hull (including the spinning tail), a rudder, and huge sails decorated with the iconic jolly roger. The only difference between this and, say, captain Black Beard's vessel?

It flies!

Follow the vivid illustrations for easy assembly and then read through the five-step instructions to perfectly launch your new ship to the winds.

From the moment the six horizontal sails catch the breeze, you'll feel as if you've been whisked away to a magical realm of fascination and adventure!

Made of high quality nylon with a wind range of up to eighteen miles per hours - Flying a kite becomes a voyage of the imagination with the SuperSize 3-D Nylon Pirate Ship Kite.

SuperSize 3-D Nylon Kite - Pirate Ship
  • Large nylon kite designed to look like a 3D pirate ship sailing through the sky
  • Encourages outdoor play, coordination, exercise
  • Set sail for magical excitement!
  • Features line with large handle, durable fabric, a tail that spins and swirls
  • Illustrated instructions make assembling kite easy
  • Step-by-step instructions make flying kite easy, too!
  • Includes 3D Pirate Ship Kite, 170-foot line with handle
  • High quality nylon materials, strong design
  • Built for lasting durability, exceptional flying experience