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LOL Suprise! Color Change Suprise Lil Sis

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  • NEW THEME: Introducing the all new LOL Surprise Color Change Lil Sisters - fan favorite Lil Sisters with color change surprises
  • COLOR CHANGE: Both the Lil Sisters and the ball change colors when placed in water! Some dolls change color in cold water, while other dolls change color in warm water! Which will your doll react to? Some dolls even have a double color change with different reveals in warm vs cold water. Try both!
  • UNBOX 5 surprises
  • Re-released fan favorite Lil Sisters with all new surprises!
  • COLLECT the whole family with Color Change Dolls and Color Change Pets
  • BEST RESULTS: For best cold color change results, the ice water should be chilled to approximately 32°F (0°C). For best warm color change results, the water should be heated to approximately 104°F (40°C).
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    LOL Suprise! Color Change Suprise Lil Sis


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