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Pencil Grip

Kwik Stix 6 Metalix Colors by The Pencil Grip

Kwik Stix 6 Metalix Colors by The Pencil Grip

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Kwik Stix - Mess Free Creativity

Kwik Stix solve the dilemma of worry filled paint with mess free fun!

The Kwik Stix Formula allows the paint to stay in a semi-solid form that can easily be pushed up or down depending on which way you twist the base of the stick.

Similar to a glue stick, the more you twist, the more it goes up.

With an array of brilliantly beautiful colors, Kwik Stix empower and encourage the user to experiment with the endless opportunities the colors provide! not only do the colors come with a variety of options, but these colors can be overlapped, masked and mixed to create any color imaginable.

The Little Artist

Kwix Stix can draw on practically any surface your heart desires.

The basics are covered, like drawing on paper and coloring books.

But the fun doesn't stop there. They can be used to decorate cardboard creations, apdd any swirls and twirls to a school presentations' poster-board, and spruce up a wooden picture frame or jewelry box!

These have the magic to deliver that beautiful design your brain wants to create.

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