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Juicy Drop Gum with Flavor Boosting Gel

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  • SWEET & SOUR EASTER GUM CANDY: Juicy Drop Gum is a delicious 2-in-1 sweet and sour gum experience that kids will love this Easter! Share the ultimate sweet and sour experience with your family and friends this Easter! Drop some sour gel onto a sweet gummy treat to create your perfect mixture of sweet and sour gum.
  • SWEET EASTER BASKET CANDY: Experience a deliciously sweet and sour gum experience this Easter with Juicy Drop Gum.
  • ASSORTED GUMMY CANDY GUM FLAVORS: Contains 8 chewy, sweet, and shelf-stable Juicy Drop Gum pieces in a pack of 16 with sour gel per package
  • FUN CANDY SNACKS FOR KIDS: Juicy Drop Gum gives kids the opportunity to have things their way, by putting kids in control of their flavor levels! Kids can drop as much or as little as they want to create their perfect mix of sweet and sour this Easter - it's so much fun!
  • SHELF-STABLE PARTY TREATS: The Juicy Drop Gum makes a great pantry item. Or, bring them to your kid's next Easter party so everyone can enjoy dipping into the ultimate customizable sweet and sour experience!
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Juicy Drop Gum with Flavor Boosting Gel


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