Husky-Drawn Sled by PLAYMOBIL #9057
Husky-Drawn Sled by PLAYMOBIL #9057
Husky-Drawn Sled by PLAYMOBIL #9057

Husky-Drawn Sled by PLAYMOBIL #9057

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The Playmobil Husky-Drawn Sled is the perfect mode of transport for this inhospitable environment. There is an ice patch which is being inspected for energy crystals by the Playmobil explorer fully covered in warm clothing. The sled is pulled by a pack of 4 huskies and the sled has plenty of space for the investigative equipment.

with plenty of research accessories and 4 sled dogs.

– The sled provides plenty of space for transporting the included tools and energy crystals.
- The tool can be secured with the silicone strap on the sled.
- Incl. 4 sled dogs to pull the sled.
- One figure can ride on the sled in a standing position.
- The bored out energy crystals can be stored in the included transport box.