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Cats Vs Pickles 4” Plush Single Assorted

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Cats vs Pickles *Plushies* are crazy, colorful, super-fun, plush collectible toys!

There are tons of different silly, soft, bean-filled cats of every variety to collect – and rare pickles, too! Plushie characters are about 4 inches tall, 3 inches wide, and are quite fun to squish and hold. 

  • Adorable plush characters made of premium soft plush and filled with special beans.
  • Each character has a special name tag with their name and bio, along with a QR code for a free Cats vs. Pickles game download.

Cats Vs Pickles Brand

Welcome to the world of Cats vs. Pickles! 

Cats are scared of pickles, but pickles just want love. Pickles love all the cats! Foodie cats, sweet cats, scary cats, fishy cats, cats with glasses, cats with class, and cats for school.

  • Influencers are loving Cats vs Pickles! Recently featured on TikTok's WeWearCute, YouTuber Jazzy Skye, YouTuber Madison and Beyond, and YouTuber Kin Tin!

NOTE: You will be sent 1 cat or pickle at random. Styles and Series may vary by in-stock availability. Product images are for reference only. 

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Cats Vs Pickles 4” Plush Single Assorted


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