7" Balancing Eagle by Toysmith
7" Balancing Eagle by Toysmith
7" Balancing Eagle by Toysmith

7" Balancing Eagle by Toysmith

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  • This perfectly weighted toy eagle balances perfectly on the tip of its beak.
  • Rest it on its stand or the tip of a finger and mystify friends with a gravity-defying balancing act.
  • Spin it, stop it, flip its wings - the eagle won't fall off.
  • The eagle has a 7-inch wingspan and sits on a 2.75-inch stand, perfect for display on a desk or tabletop.
  • Recommended for ages 5 years and up.
  • Challenge your children's imaginations and keep them active with Toysmith.
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  • Balance it on it's included stand, your finger, spin it, tip its wings it won't fall
  • Eagle has a 7" wing span
  • Includes 2.75" high stand
  • Mystify your friends with your balancing skills
  • Ages 5 and up